"Allice's powerful presence easily holds an adult audience, and her repertoire includes a good mix of timeless myths, local folktales and lively personal stories."
 -- Abegael Fisher-Lang, educator. Mythopoetica Storytelling
"Allice's stories breed compassion and a deep celebration of the human condition.  For our students they are a gift beyond measure!"
 -- Kellie Burnett, teacher, Collingwood School, B.C. Can.
"If you are interested in sharing the pleasure of a good story well told then I recommend Allice Bernards whose stories reflect the unique insight of a thoughtful and gifted storyteller."
-- Allison Cox, U.S. storyteller and co-editor of The Healing Heart; storytelling to build strong & healthy families / communities


 A professional storyteller living on Bowen Island, off Canada's West Coast,  Allice Bernards came to Storytelling as a vocation after having pursued paths that led her to practise and teach the healing art of Reiki for a number of years.  During Allice's childhood her mother had been a professional storyteller and, it seemed to Allice, that her mum would always fill that role admirably within the family circle.  In 1999 though her mum lived thousands of miles away and Allice was moved to tell some stories for her daughter and classmates in their Grade 9 Social Studies class --  everyone, including Allice, enjoyed  the experience and Allice began to incorporate storytelling into her own teaching practise.

It was her realisation of Storytelling as an art and a means to rediscover the mystery, the wonder and the fun of being human that inspired Allice to begin telling stories in the larger community. 

Using mainly folktales, she loves to journey through the varied worlds of Story.  Her welcoming presence invites listeners of all ages to relax and enjoy the journey as she takes them along with her into realms where anything is possible...and safely out again. 

Athough an islander for 30 years, in an area known locally as the Salish Sea, Allice can also be found in the Vancouver area of B.C. telling stories in schools, festivals, seniors residences, churches, community centres, libraries & cafes on "that land across the water"  . . .  and beyond (Australia, Cuba, Jamaica so far)


Storysalt connects us all, regardless of gender, creed or colour, because we need it . . . even though some of what it preserves for us are those dark, and seemingly never-changing, tough chunks of our shared human experience it saves those luminous ever-present tender pieces, too:  the bits of humour, beauty, wisdom and wonder.

Just as salt awakens the tongue, stories awaken the mind.  From tongue to mind the great end of absorbing storysalt is to excite imagination and nourish the soul.

...my life's flavour is enhanced by stories told and heard.  Those stories are the 'salt' that heightens & brightens my own experience of the world and they preserve much that nourishes people everywhere.  Let me share with you my bountiful supply of storysalt.  But, whether you choose to enjoy the salt of foreign lands or Canadian kitchen table salt, BE WARNED:  sampling storysalt may lead to cravings . . . for more!


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